Located just 60 kms from Chennai, in the wonderful temple town of Mahabalipuram, directly opposite the Pancha Rathas, exists a wonder that houses a varied species of one of the most exotic kinds of nature’s beauty – seashells. Welcome to the India Seashell Museum, Asia’s largest and the world’s second-largest seashell museum. 

India Seashell Museum originated as the brainchild of Mr Raja Mohammed, an avid seashell enthusiast. Soon, that idea grew into one of grandeur, with the current complex having over 7+ attractions and taking over 3-4 hours to visit. 

The start of a fascinating journey:

As kids, we fondly remember going to the beach and collecting seashells. And that’s how it originated for the founder of the India Seashell Museum, Mr Raja Mohammed, who started collecting shells at the Pamban islands near Rameswaram in 1979. What began as a childhood hobby soon grew into a lifelong passion! 

Mr Raja devoted over 40 years of his life to this unique idea, with the express intention of bringing his vision of an incredible museum for people to learn more about seashells and other such exotic creatures to fruition. With 100+ members and 40,000+ collections, India Seashell Museum is an enormous success, making Dr Raja’s dream a reality beyond imagination.

The many attractions to visit:

India Seashell Museum has a wide variety of attractions for people, not limited to just seashells! A day trip to the museum showcases the following:

India Seashell Museum

The Seashell Museum is a delight for people fascinated with shells, housing over 40,000 specimens of rare and unique seashells and minerals. The museum offers an exceptional perspective on conchology, with four galleries having several sculptures made entirely of seashells – including a train, a car and an aeroplane, and even houses the world’s largest seashell, the Australian Trumpet!

Mini Asia and Mineral Museum

The Mini Asia Museum is home to the unique rendition of the Singapore Merlion made completely of seashells. Adjacent to that is the Mineral Museum, a one-of-a-kind space for learning about all things mineral.

Mamalla Fish World

Indulge in a world of aquatic adventure in the Mamalla Fish World! The Fish Aquarium is one of the major attractions in the India Seashell Museum, with a wide collection of freshwater and marine fishes. Also, enjoy a unique and soothing foot massage by the fish! Yes, there is a Fish Massage in Mamalla Fish World.

Pearl Museum

Welcome to Asia’s first Pearl Museum, home to a large collection of pearls acquired from different kinds of seashells. All our pearls are collected by Mr Raja, whose meticulous attention to their quality and colour makes this exhibit a wonderful spectacle!

Dinosaur Museum

Travel back millions of years with the Dinosaur Museum. These animatronic dinosaurs are a visual treat for those fascinated by these ancient creatures that lived about 110 million years ago! Get up close and personal with The Irritator, the short-armed T Rex, the toothy Velociraptor, and much more!

In addition to these attractions, the India Seashell Museum also has a 3D Art Gallery, a Horror Museum, a Virtual Gaming Arena and an exhilarating VR Experience! There’s also a gift shop selling authentic shell crafts and pearls for those who love collecting trinkets! The India Seashell Museum is open from 8 AM to 8 PM on all days of the week.

Our Immortal Palace by the Sea:

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