At Kaldan Samudhra Palace, situated in Mahabalipuram amid its historical landmarks and picturesque beaches, there’s a distinctive blend of Rajasthani tradition and the tranquil seaside, setting the stage for an exceptional culinary adventure. This resort offers a departure from the usual Rajasthan imagery by seamlessly merging its essence with the serene coastal backdrop.

As guests arrive, they are welcomed by the architectural beauty inspired by Rajasthan, juxtaposed against the calming seaside. The traditional Rajasthani reception, featuring Nagada and Kachchhi Ghodi performances, offers guests an authentic cultural immersion from the moment they step into the resort.

Diversity in Dining:

Dhani, our restaurant showcasing global cuisine, invites guests to a rich array of dishes set in an ambiance adorned with Rajasthani tapestries and wooden furniture, evoking the essence of Rajasthan while the gentle sounds of waves create a coastal charm.

The dining experience at Dhani beautifully blends Rajasthani culinary traditions with a diverse range of Indian flavours. From classic Rajasthani delicacies like Marwari Okra and Gutta Curry to an assortment of Biryanis and exquisitely spiced grilled fish, our chefs showcase their expertise by seamlessly blending culinary traditions for a delightful dining affair.

Beyond the food, it’s a cultural celebration—a live showcase of traditional Rajasthani folk music and dance encourages guests to immerse themselves in Rajasthan’s vibrant culture, even inviting participation in folk dance steps.

Refined Social Spaces:

Somapuraa, our bar, is more than a spot for drinks; it’s a hub of experiences where mixology meets companionship. Guests unwind amidst plush seating, sharing their day’s stories in an ambiance that transforms as the sun sets, creating memorable evenings.

Featuring an assortment of signature cocktails and a carefully curated selection of spirits, Somapuraa caters to both enthusiasts and newcomers seeking a symphony of flavors.

Palatial Hi-Tea Experience:

The hi-tea experience at Kaldan Samudhra epitomises sophistication amid the opulent palace backdrop. It’s an elegant blend of luxury and culinary finesse.

Guests are greeted by a menu featuring meticulously crafted delights—a fusion of flavours showcasing the culinary expertise of the palace’s artisans. Accompanying the spread are the world’s finest teas and coffees, enhancing the experience. Kaldan’s hi-tea isn’t just about the offerings; it’s a journey through refined tastes and impeccable service, leaving guests with cherished memories of a regal experience.

In essence, the unique fusion of Rajasthani heritage and coastal tranquillity at Kaldan Samudhra promises an unforgettable dining experience. It’s more than a meal—it’s a cultural odyssey that captivates the senses, leaving an enduring impact. This blend of Rajasthani flavours against a coastal backdrop creates an unparalleled dining journey, celebrating diversity and creating lasting memories of an extraordinary culinary voyage.

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