Usher in the cheerful spirit of Christmas with the time-honoured Cake-Mixing Ceremony!

Seasons Greetings from Kaldan Samudhra Palace! Now, we may be more than a month away from Christmas, but that’s never stopped us from indulging in the Yuletide cheer. With the melodious Christmas bells chiming, the festive spirit descends over Kaldan like a blanket of snow as we decked our halls with merry decorations and glittering ornaments to celebrate Christmas in flamboyant grace with the grand, traditional Cake-Mixing Ceremony.

Everyone knows that cakes are a Christmas staple, with people everywhere vying for a slice of that mouth-watering Christmas cake, for just a tiny morsel of that heavenly goodness. But the finessed and elaborate process of baking these sweet delicacies is no cakewalk! Preparations begin months in advance with a ritual aptly named ‘The Cake-Mixing Ceremony’. 

The Cake-Mixing Ceremony is an age-old tradition of soaking a delicious array of ingredients in the finest alcohol several weeks before the cakes are baked, to give your palate that perfect confluence of sweet and tart that will have you reaching for seconds even before you finish your first slice! This timeless custom has been followed for aeons, and we at Kaldan Samudhra certainly know how to throw a fabulous Cake-Mixing Ceremony.

​​The day our Cake-Mixing Ceremony was held (18th November 2022) was a crisp winter day, the kind of day that embodies the spirit of Christmas. The ceremony was inaugurated by ​​Mr Arun Raj – Vice President (Operations), Sridhar Thota – General Manager, Lawrence Amalraj – Executive chef, Subhamoy Chatterjee – Pastry Chef, in the presence of HoDs, staff, and in-house guests, who joyfully embraced the Christmas cheer with soaring spirits and enthusiastic elation. The GM, Sridhar Thota, gave a rousing speech about the significance of this ceremony. And soon, the mixing began! A delectable assortment of dry fruits, nuts, and spices went into a cauldron, to which bottles of wine, rum and whisky were added. Gloved hands descended into the mix as our eager guests enthusiastically got into blending the concoction, yielding a heavenly aroma.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and our Immortal Palace by the Sea is no stranger to the festive thrills of Christmas. The Cake-Mixing Ceremony was greatly enjoyed by patrons from all around Chennai, looking to welcome the joys of Yuletide into their life and carry these merry spirits well into the following year.

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