One of the fascinating things that stands out about India is the myriad of cultures that inhabit this great country. No two states are the same, from the food that we eat to the languages that we speak. Our cultures and customs are wide and varied, ever-changing from state to state and sometimes even from city to city. 

It can be difficult to travel a long distance to revel in the cultures of various places. Travelling isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t have to restrict their desire to experience new things! And that’s where we come in.

North meets South in a breathtaking daze of Rajasthani culture infused with South Indian ambience. Welcome to Kaldan Samudhra, an Immortal Palace by the Sea. Set on the picturesque shores of the Bay of Bengal, 2 km from the temple town of Mahabalipuram, Kaldan Samudhra is India’s golden history come to life!

Inspired by the timeless architecture of Agra and Rajasthan, Kaldan Samudhra shines as a beacon of royal elegance in the modern world. It portrays a perfect slice of Rajasthani culture in the South, from the traditional welcome to the enjoyable entertainment.

A Royal Greeting:

First impressions are important and we stand by that! A Traditional Rajasthani Welcome awaits you as you enter our beautifully adorned lobby. Be greeted in a manner befitting Kings and Queens with the Rajasthani Nagada and Kachchhi Ghodi dance (a traditional dance where our performers dress as horses and dance to the rhythmic tunes of Nagada drums), traditional Aarti, Tikka, cold towels, Pagdi (Rajasthani Turban), and welcome drinks. As far as first impressions go, we certainly know how to make a splash and invite you in for a grand and welcoming time!

An architectural extravagance:

As you cruise down the East Coast Road, the sight of our Immortal Palace by the Sea draws your gaze towards it with its Rajasthan-inspired carvings and motifs. Sculpted elephants, intricately ornate columns and arches greet you into a paradise that transports you to an era of unstinting luxury and majestic royalty. 

Gilded ceilings and embellished carvings cover every corner of the property. Our rooms and suites embody the art of sculpted perfection. But the crowning glory of the Palace is our sea-facing villas, Yuvaraaj and Yuvaraani. This fantastical architectural marvel, with multiple bedrooms, separate living spaces and a private pool and jacuzzi offer an experience unlike any other.

We bring you the symbol of royal love in a miniature form. The miniature Taj Mahal, standing high and mighty on a pedestal, is our ode to a time of bountiful riches and royalty. 

Mesmerising you with music & dance:

The Palace Hi-Tea is a traditional part of our everyday routine. Just before sunset, we gather our guests and serve them a traditional blend of masala chai, coffee or any beverage, paired with a delectable array of scrumptious finger food. The entertainment for the evening comes in the form of our Kalbelia dancers, whose traditional Rajasthani garb stands as a stark reminder of the beauty and heritage of Rajasthan’s rich culture. 

Our graceful dancers sway to the dulcet tones of soulful Langa singers, as they belt out tune after tune of harmonious music that moves you. It’s a wondrous experience unlike any other!

Food for thought:

The way to the heart is through food. And at Kaldan, we are in the business of curating food that speaks to the depths of your soul. Though we dabble in all cuisines, our talented Rajasthani chef handcrafts a menu that exceeds every gourmet experience. 

Enjoy Rajasthani cuisine in style – for the first time in Chennai. Authentic, rich and delectable, we offer you the best of Rajasthani meals, exquisitely prepared by our chefs to bring the heavenly flavours of Rajasthan to Chennai. 

You don’t have to travel very far to go to Rajasthan…

We bring Rajasthan to you! From extravagant and intricate architecture to heart-warming customs, decadent food with a medley of authentic Rajasthan flavours to traditional music and dance that transports you into the midst of Rajasthan’s rich culture, Kaldan Samudhra Palace is a one-of-a-kind venture that invites you to an immersive experience of all things Rajasthani in the heart of the South.

In a breathtaking fusion of Rajasthani culture and local ambience along the beautiful coasts of the Bay of Bengal, Kaldan Samudhra Palace is the place to be for someone looking to experience vibrant Rajasthani life only a drive away!

Book your stay today at Kaldan Samudhra Palace; timeless in its elegance, historic in its legacy.

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